This is an evangelistic outreach program for reaching our neighbours with the message of Christ and expanding the frontiers of the kingdom of God. We adopt creative evangelistic strategies to share God’s love in the City of Calgary and its environs.

Mark 16:15 underscores our intent here: “And he said to them, go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” 

Calvary to Calgary is usually held during Christian celebrations, including Christmas, easter, and other selected times during summer.

Settling in a new enviroment (with dynamics and culture different from the one an individual is used to) could be a daunting challenge. The New Immigrants/Membership Support at Great Grace Network is an initiative to help new immigrants reduce their “settling” time. We provide general guidance on how to access appropriate information and services designed by the province to help transition new arrivals to a new home.

If you are in this category, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. And we shall be glad to be of assistance to your journey to experiencing a satisfying settlement.

Our efforts are incomplete without contributions to our host communities; Great Grace Network volunteers services for the benefit of communties and institutions. We carry out these services utilizing resources within our network, but we are also open to collaborating with other organizations to pursue collective community impact objectives.

Together we can build better communities, create a thriving society, establish a safe environment, and leave this world a better place for posterity.